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Our Solutions

Nucleus contains many trade specific solutions, which are pre-configured for your business to cater to your business needs.

Inventory Manager

Inventory Manager helps retailers to manage their inventory and accounts. It helps to manage multiple stock locations, flexible taxation rules, extensive reports, multiple users, customized bill prints

Chemist Manager

Chemist Manager is specialized software for chemists. Along with maintaining the invoicing, it helps to manage the prescriptions, alternates for medicines

Grain Agent Manager (Aadhat)

Grain Agent Manager is solution for commission agent in food grain market. It maintains various parameters like Dammi, Tulai, stitching with their stock. It helps commission agent to maintain their R.D.F and market fee records and keeps track of the I Form and J Form issued


Nuclues provides a unique epxerience to restaurant owners. Restaurants can define the layout of tables as per their restaurant layout to easily manage the billing of all customers.

Automobile Dealer Manager

Vehicle Dealer Manager maintains invoicing, inventory, hypothecation details, servicing of vehicles. It helps to maintain the stock level of thousand of parts used in vehicles

Stitch Up (Tailor)

Stitch Up is a software to manage Tailors. It helps tailors to record measurements, assign the jobs to workforce. The combination of sales and measurements together allow the boutiques to provide a hassle free service to their customers.

Glass Store

Nucleus helps Glass Store owners to sale the glass based on separate actual and chargable measurements. It manages the information of measurements, holes and polish at single place with ease of use.

Optical Shops

With Nucleus, optical shops can manages the sales of glasses/lenses along with maintaining the detailed measurements for each glass/lens. It helps the customers to repeat the orders without the need of vision prescription again.

Mobile Shops

Nucleus allows owners to manage the inventory based on Sr.No./IMEI no of devices. It allows to compare all features of different mobiles to allow customers to choose the right product for their need.


Nucleus allows easy management of student admissions to various courses. Enquiry management makes it easy to follow-up with the students interested in specific courses.


Rich set of features of Nucleus make it distinguished product for your business needs.
Its higly customizable features make it suitable for small customer to big customers

Cloud Enabled

Our online solutions keeps you always connected to your business. You can connect to business from online portal or mobile app.

Professional Invoices

Customize the content of your professional invoices. Deliver the invoices as pdf documents.


Multi-user capability allow the different views for different category of users. Manage the permissions for different user groups.

Analysis Reporting

The analysis reports helps you to take informed decision about your business.


Nucleus contains many trade specific solutions, which are pre-configured for your business to cater to your business needs.

General Features

  • Single User and Multi User
  • Data Security
  • Multi Company
  • Print Preview
  • SMS/EMail/Excel/PDF Integration
  • User and Group Permissions
  • Android App
  • Promotional / Transactional SMS
  • Auto Backup
  • Sync with Accountant
  • Transaction Audit
  • Import from Excel
  • Cloud Enabled

Financial Accounting

  • All Accounting Books
  • Balance Sheet
  • Voucher Cancellation
  • Depreciation Chart
  • Reminders for Cheque Payments
  • Interest Calculation
  • Bulk Transactions
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Import Ledgers from Excel
  • Cheque Book Management
  • Cheque Printing
  • Contacts Management
  • Task Management
  • Managed narrations
  • Voucher Number Configuration

Inventory Features

  • Multi Unit
  • Manufacturer / Item Group
  • Custom Attributes
  • Retail / VAT Invoice
  • Tax Inclusive/Exclusive Billing
  • Multiple Taxes in Single Invoice
  • Godown
  • Discounts & Item Scheme
  • Flexible Tax Rules
  • Sale Order / Purchase Order
  • Sale / Purchase Returns
  • VAT Reports
  • Email Invoice
  • Retail/Whole Sale Price
  • Indication on Negative Stock

Inventory Features

  • Quotation
  • Convert Quotation to Sale
  • Repair / Replacement
  • Salesman and Broker
  • Tentative Purchase Order Management
  • Stock Location/Shelf details
  • Transport details for Sale/Purchase
  • Service Invoice
  • Stock Surplus/Shortage/Transfer
  • Half Page / Full Page / Roll Printing

Grain Agent (Aadhat)

  • I Form
  • J Form
  • Sale and Purchase Support
  • Single Entry for I and J Form
  • Support of multiple Bag Type
  • Sale/Purchase of Bags
  • Gate Pass
  • Multi - Location (Mandi)
  • Malkhata / Heap Register
  • Interest Calculation
  • VAT Reports


  • Batch and Expiry
  • Packing and Alternate Units
  • Shelf Location
  • Medicine/Drug Alternates
  • Doctor Wise Reports
  • Salesman Support
  • On field order by Android App for wholesaler
  • Customer Discounts
  • Stock Level Reports
  • Bar Code
  • Wholesale Pricing

Stitch Up (Tailor)

  • Manage Measurements
  • Multiple Designs for Each Stitching
  • Task Assignment to Employee/Vendors
  • Fine grained control for stitching operations
  • Job Card Management

Automobile Dealers

  • Challan
  • Hypothecation Details
  • Form 12
  • Search by Engine/Chasis No
  • Integrated Sale/Service/Spare


  • Barcode Printing
  • Address Label Printing
  • Birthday and Anniversary Reminders
  • Promotional SMS
  • Embedded Calculator
  • Notes

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